House of Rice

For over 50 years Tastic has prided itself in sourcing the best and the finest quality rice grains from all over the world. Our extensive range offering of rice products make us experts and leaders in rice.

This has resulted in Tastic becoming the No. 1 rice product in South Africa winning the hearts and minds of South African consumers over the years. Tastic continues to build its success through offering our consumers perfect world class superior quality rice grains and also offering a wide product range that delivers on its versatility and convenience. Our brand promise is always giving you rice products that cook perfectly every time.

Our extensive rice product range offerings namely Brown rices, Basmati, Jasmine, Sushi, white rices and Risotto rice make us truly the house of Rice is South Africa. Tastic also prides itself in giving you convenient products that make meal preparation so much simpler and faster with the launch of the Ready to Eat Rices "ready in 2 minutes" and Flavoured Rice that offers you more versatile meal options of serving rice to family and friends.

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